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06/13/2002 Entry: "One Big Gay Cherry."

"I was like, 'Am I straight? Am I gay?' And then I realized...I'm just slutty. Where's my parade?"

Oh yeah! I missed out on seeing Margaret perform live last year, so I'm really looking forward to seeing Notorious C.H.O., one of the opening movies of the Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. Tonight begins a busy couple of weeks of movies, concerts and other events.

But before that, I will have to crawl my way out of Hell first, and cringe knowing that I will have to go back down into the pit again tomorrow. Didn't I put in my contract that I don't do Powerpoint? Is it too late to add it?

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Hello, My Name is Gwen!

Posted by aaron @ 06/13/2002 04:18 PM PST

Omigod, I totally forgot to blog that! That's the name of the receptionist at my new doctor's office! I nearly burst a ventricle when she left voicemail.

Posted by Casey @ 06/13/2002 04:23 PM PST

ohmigod! i just snarfed apple juice!!!

Posted by regan @ 06/13/2002 05:30 PM PST

i laughed, again, hard when reading those comments.

Regan, maybe Gwen could help you clean up that applejuice?

Posted by aaron @ 06/13/2002 11:12 PM PST

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