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06/21/2002 Entry: "Whatever Makes You Happy, Whatever Gives You Hope."

Ok, so maybe it's been kind of a rough week. Besides everything that happened like doctors telling me I'm fat, tragic events happening to coworkers, crazy movie schedules and not enough sleep, now I'm feeling a little under the weather too. So maybe, yes, I was caught watching driving tips cartoons at work. So? Maybe I just needed to relax a little.
(Link via Memepool.)

I was a little upset when Chris pointed out that Internet Radio Stations (and some great ones, too) have already started to shut off their streams because of the new fees for Webcasting (Link via Chuck.) I'm appalled and dissapointed in myself for not getting involved earlier. It's well past time to demonstrate the difference between broadcasting music and pirating songs. Oooh, I can feel my blood pressure rising again thinking about it.

I've just got to let go. I'm extremely glad it's the weekend, and I can finally indulge in some small pleasures, like my favorite herb tea, and sleeping in. Because after all, don't we all deserve a little pick-me-up (Link via Jonno.) now and then, to keep us smiling?

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