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07/02/2002 Entry: "With Apologies to Paul and Art."

Hello, BBEdit, my old friend 
I've come to code with you again 
Because a coworker softly creeping 
Changed some pages while I was in meetings 
And the edits 
That I made early today 
Just went away 
So now I scream...in silence...

OK, maybe I'm a little more irritable than usual because of this headache. It came on at the same time today as it did yesterday, so I'm wondering what's triggering it here at work. I'm about to send another ibuprofen down to investigate what happened to the previous two.

Of course, there's also a little tension in the air here, as we're still unsure who will be affected when the proverbial axe falls next week. That's never good for keeping stress levels down. I asked a coworker for an opinion on something, and their response was, "Well, after next week it won't matter." Hey, way to get this party started!

OK, once again, into the code.

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Oh. My. God. That is so fucking hot.

The song bit. Not the other stuff. Of course.

Posted by David @ 07/02/2002 06:31 PM PST

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