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07/09/2002 Entry: "Stuff You Stick In Your Mouth."

So maybe lowfat diets are bad. (Link via Max.) Of course, I always have to wonder where political or commercial agendas come into play. (Link via Rebecca.) Personally, I'm not sure dietary science has ever been particularly unbiased, and in some cases it seems about as scientific as Astrology. But now I'm not sure what to eat. I would switch back to my all-potato-chips-and-chocolate diet if not for fear of keeling over from a heart attack, or worse, never getting laid again.

Maybe I'll just give up and run off with the Radical Faeries. Or become a Borkist. (Even though they're recruiting with evil spam techniques, they can't be all bad since they have an MP3 of the Chocolate Moose skit.)

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Surrender, surrender, but don't give yourself away.

Posted by Mars Technica @ 07/10/2002 02:58 PM PST

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