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07/12/2002 Entry: "No One's Fussy, I'm a Target."

Let's talk about targets. For the non-technical, no, I'm not talking about Michael Graves.

I certainly appreciate Dive Into Mark's 30 Days to a More Accessable Weblog series, and intend to make some changes to the site based on this. By the same token I understand why he recommends not opening links in new windows, but the marketing lobe of my brain is resistant to the idea. Besides, that's the way I surf the Web (with a ton of windows open,) so I assume everyone surfs like me—a dangerous assumption, I know. So, should I change this? Have an opinion on the matter? Please vote or comment.

  Should I let all links open in the same window?

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Fuck him with his back button; sounds like someone's been sucking at Jakob's teat a little too long.

Posted by David @ 07/12/2002 06:56 PM PST

I agree with David. The attitudes of these self-appointed design gurus types frost me most of the time. Frankly, I don't care whether anyone else approves of my site's design and content. It's mine damnit and I like it. If you don't agree, well, no one is forcing you to visit. There are plenty of other sites out there, by all means go enjoy them.

Posted by Mark @ 07/12/2002 07:46 PM PST

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