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07/17/2002 Entry: "I'm Going To Bed...Bed Bed Bed Bed Bed."

Had a great time seeing They Might Be Giants Tuesday night at the Fillmore. They played a lot of stuff off their new album including my favorite (see this entry's title.) While I'd started out in a bit of a funk this week, a show with John and John is always good for brightening my mood. And my spirits were even more elevated to see Huntington there; it's been too long since I've seen him. I was glad to be able to share the Giant Radio segment (What was that, "Breakdown" by Tom Petty?) and the best version I've seen of the most bitchen drum solo ever. ("For Animal from the Muppets, press or say nine!")

We're debating if we're going to go again tonight. For the moment, however, I'm going to bed.

(Bed bed bed bed...)

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i heard a sound. i turned around. i turned around to find the thing that made the sound.

Posted by pj @ 07/17/2002 01:32 PM PST

Your and The Boyfriend's presence made the show sparkle ever so much more.

Posted by Huntington @ 07/17/2002 02:17 PM PST

you lucky dawgs.

glad you had a good time.

Posted by aaron @ 07/17/2002 05:26 PM PST

oh, the site for the album is almost as fun as being there, yes?

Posted by aaron @ 07/17/2002 05:33 PM PST

"Mysteeeeeeeeerious Whispers, Mysteeeeeeeeerious Whispers..."

And maybe next time I'll meet Chief John, Huntington.

Pretty close, Aaron. I think the extended CD features are comparable to the Johns on stage; besides which, you don't get to feed potato chips to them in concert.

Posted by Casey @ 07/17/2002 06:26 PM PST

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