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07/26/2002 Entry: "If I Were A Rich Man..."

Most unintentionally amusing press release title: Rich Person Named CEO. Perhaps they should have used his full name to avoid it sounding like a headline from The Onion.

(I don't remember who wrote about them recently, but I'm reminded of the Tom Swifties, which, as a lover of puns, I've always liked. No, I'll spare you any of my own attempts at the moment. You can thank me later.)

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"Good, they're SO cheesy," said Huntington grate-fully.

Posted by Huntington @ 08/01/2002 04:33 PM PST

Ok, you asked for it.

"Being gay is not that uncommon," said Tom un-in-ten-tionally.

Posted by Casey @ 08/02/2002 12:38 AM PST

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