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07/31/2002 Entry: "Keep Manhattan, Just Give Me That Countryside."

caseyatpointreyes (15k image)I have returned. My face and neck have color in them again (I forgot to apply the Bullfrog while at the Botanical Gardens) and I ate cheese—oh, so much cheese—at some nice restaurants, and I'm paying for it right now deep down inside, if you know what I'm saying. Ooof. But I had a wonderful time with the Boyfriend. No surprise there. Two very lovely evenings that have put me in much more of a vacation mood.

Yes, I'm pictured here at McClure's Beach at Point Reyes; those who know my extreme dislike of sand can attest that indeed, love makes you do strange things. I'm surprised to find that I actually enjoyed the easy hiking we did, but I'd prefer it without the sun and the dirt and poison oak (which we avoided). And as much as I love them, it would have been far easier in something besides Doc Martin boots. And even with all that said: Dahling, I love you, but give me Park Avenue.

I'll post a few more pictures later; I must sleep soon if I intend to accomplish anything on my list of errands to run tomorrow.

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Welcome back!!! I LOVE the Botanical Gardens . . . but we didn't go last weekend.

Funny to think we may well have crossed paths on Sunday . . . either in town, or on the highway. Two bloggers, passing in the late afternoon . . .

Posted by William Ted @ 08/01/2002 12:30 AM PST

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