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08/08/2002 Entry: "My Mood Swing Goes All The Way Around."

More quiz fun, maybe based in real science, maybe just pop psychology; hard to tell from the book they're based on. Who cares, it's fun! Try the Power Program Quizzes to test your response to various behaviours governed or influenced by the
limbic system of the brain. My scores out of ten? Power:4, Sex:7, Territoriality:5. Sex was the highest of the three? Imagine that....who would have guessed?

I've noted that my territoriality occasionally crests sharply, usually also during or just following a peak of sometimes) irrational rage. (I try not to bite, but I've been known to fail the food guarding test.) I usually blame hormones—I'm still not convinced that Irritable Male Syndrome isn't just a convenient cover for being moody jerks, but there might be something to it.

And occasionally I don't actively think about sex. I think they call that "sleep."

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I really liked the question, "How strong is the sexual orientation of your dress?"

Hmmm, most of my dresses are pretty straight. Unless I'm wearing them; then they're pretty gay.

Posted by David @ 08/08/2002 11:43 PM PST

And when you're sleeping, I assume you actively dream about sex, or territorially guarding food. Or is that just me?

Posted by Huntington @ 08/09/2002 10:26 AM PST

Well, actually, it's been a while since I've had any of this so-called "sleep." because I've been playing Civ III, a game which is about, well, capturing and guarding territory.

Posted by Casey @ 08/09/2002 10:59 AM PST

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