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08/30/2002 Entry: "Self-Promotion Is Hereditary."

My mother (who reads my Weblog; wave hello, everybody!) is totally tech-savvy. She codes Web sites and fixes her friends' computers. We usually keep up, neck and neck, trying out new software and gadgets and such. But this time she's completely trumped me by launching her own Cafepress store to go with her site about women with the 1465th most common female first name in the US. (One of my frustrations as a child was never finding those mini-license plates or other junky souvenirs with my name preprinted on them, so I can relate.)

On the other hand, I do come up number four in a Google search for "linkwhore" (just two below Chris.) Is that bad?

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it is never bad to be below Chris.

Posted by geno @ 08/30/2002 04:40 PM PST

What Geno said. Though I especially like to see it when Chris is on top.

Posted by Panchesco @ 08/30/2002 05:06 PM PST

hehehehe.. Can I get a picture of you under Chris? After all since I couldn't get your buttshot...heheheeh


Posted by Vince @ 08/31/2002 12:26 AM PST

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