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09/05/2002 Entry: "I Want 'Bela Lugosi's Dead' On Mine!"

Musical ringtones: yet another reason why I should never carry a firearm. Someone in our office has been testing new ringtones on their cellphone all this week, and none of us are particularly pleased. Especially when they leave it on their desk and walk away.

Tuesday it was the Pink Panther theme.
Yesterday it was Ode to Joy.
Today it's the 1812 Overture.
Tomorrow it may be inserted rectally.

OK, enough negativity; time for bingo.

10:30 PM Addendum: Cab driver on the way home? "Ode to Joy." Lucky for him I'm too tired to be violent.

Replies: 3 comments

Put me down for, "Your Phone's Off The Hook (but You're Not)".

Posted by Panchesco @ 09/05/2002 11:34 PM PST

Damn it!!! I missed it again!! I totally forgot!

Posted by Geno @ 09/06/2002 11:54 AM PST

Heh, I want "This Corrosion" on mine. If I had one.

Or maybe "Wir Tanzen im 4-Eck", a la Stereo Total.

Posted by Jason @ 09/09/2002 10:24 AM PST

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