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09/16/2002 Entry: "But I'm Not Finished Being Inconvenienced!"

Now, let's say—hypothetically—that you have jury duty one afternoon. You leave work at a reasonable hour, go through the metal detectors, show up as expected, take your seat in the climate-controlled Assembly Room. An hour passes, and you try to read your book but mostly you think about various ways to get out of serving on a jury without making a great big ruckus. After they call the first set of names, you contemplate whether it's better to blend in and not be noticed or to stick out and be obviously ill-suited in either this room or the jury chamber upstairs.

Suddenly, your name is called. You're on the "Excused for One Year" list. You're free to go. Your $1.50 stipend (Woo!) will be mailed to you, you presume. (You also wonder briefly if the court submits a list of names to the IRS so they can ensure its declaration next April.) You check the time: it's 2:15. You made about a dollar an hour. Now you have plenty of time to go back to work.

Do you go back? Do you stay home and play Theme Park World, or go shopping for new pants? Or do you go home and blog about it first while you decide?

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good lord! to even think about BLOGGING first is realy sick. SICK SICK SICK. If they paid you for the day (meaning work) then you should (eventually) go back to work. If you happen to get stuck in a few stores trying on pants and playing videogames on the way, well, fine. But jeez, the blogging can wait!

Posted by bj @ 09/17/2002 04:01 PM PST

Hahaha. Blogging can wait. Yeah, right!

Posted by William Ted @ 09/17/2002 04:37 PM PST

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