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10/04/2002 Entry: "Breathe! Breathe, You Fuckers!"

Please indulge me while I flog the equestrian corpse which is the state of my sinuses.

So I have a cold. Again. I'm surviving work today only by the miracle of Ibuprofen. Not surprising given that several people at work are sick, not to mention the numerous things and people I came in contact with at Folsom Street Fair. (I heard that back there; not like that, you perv!)

Personally, I'm not blaming either situation. I'm blaming Allegra, this wonderful Allergy medicine my wonderful doctor gave me. The potential side effects they list include headache (got one!), cold (yup!), and back pain (got that too!) So the medicine I'm taking to be less congested and drippy is making me more congested and drippy. Can I count this as ironic?

Screw this. I'm going back to less intrusive methods. Anyone want a cold in a pill some allergy medicine samples?

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