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10/25/2002 Entry: "And Culture Jelly, Too."

I've been thinking lately about culture jamming, both in appreciation of it and about trying it out myself. I mean, I took college classes in performance art. Oddness knows I have some strange thoughts and generally appreciate the odd and irreverent viewpoints in the world anyway (one of the things I love most about Weblogs.) And, it must be said, living with a Sister, I've been able to meet quite a few of our city's premier troublemakers.

But like too many things in my life I tend to have great ideas but not-so-great follow-through on them. I also know that I have a deep desire to avoid conflict. I'd love to use the Telemarketer Script on some unsuspecting caller. (Link via The Roommate.) But will I chicken out at the crucial moment, afraid that a random person on the phone will get angry at me? Why is that bad? Isn't that sometimes the point? So I don't think I'm quite there yet.

Mostly I'm trying to wake up first. I'm not an activist—I tried that in college and burned out fast—but I do have my opinions. It's been way to easy for me to get wrapped up in being a good corporate drone and sleep through weeks or months at a time. So first I'm trying on a few new ideas.

Tomorrow I think I'll join The Boyfriend at the Rally Against War in Iraq. I thought it might be exciting to go as a pro-war Activist, but I'd just have to be more obviously satirical. Maybe I could show up in a three-piece suit and a sign saying "Corporate Oil Needs This War." Oooh, I could do that in a pig mask! That could be cool! Now I just need the mask. And the suit.

Perhaps I should just focus on being awake in time for the rally. Small steps....

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I'm with you on the culture jamming thing. People in this city need to start shakin' shit up again.

Posted by biologic show @ 10/27/2002 09:05 AM PST

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