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10/31/2002 Entry: "Don't Copy That Floppy!"

I was pleasant today to the woman at the bank.

I was courteous to the sales clerk who snarled and said nothing throughout the transaction.

I might have slammed the door after the woman dumped my wet clothes (which were waiting for a dryer) out of the washer to put hers in. But I didn't piss in the washer like I fantasized about doing.

But tonight, should any'ne show me disrespect, ye should be prepared t'meet yer maker! Arrr!

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Did anyone walk the plank, Cappie?

Hope you got lots of the good stuff!

Posted by Panchesco @ 11/01/2002 03:44 PM PST

Oh hell! You were a pirate too! We should have pirated together... if not for that, you know, half a continent between us and all that.

Posted by Jason @ 11/01/2002 04:24 PM PST

garsh! i sure hope you whack off with yer left hand

Posted by bj @ 11/03/2002 10:12 AM PST

Panches: Thank ye...aye, I plundered Booty, by the hookful!

Jason: Pirates over the rockies. Arrr! Avast, ye, Denver! Ye scurvy dogs o'Idaho!

BJ: Who's to say the hook's on my hand?

Posted by Casey @ 11/03/2002 11:42 PM PST

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