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11/11/2002 Entry: "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels."

Odd save me, I am up to my nipples in stock photography research again. Ugh. People in business suits smiling giddily at their computers, or attending thoughtful meetings with melodramatic engagement. Shots of models as noble corporate executives in ridiculously heroic poses, as if they'd cured cancer. It doesn't help that I'm a little sick of looking at the computer today. (Link via the Roommate.)

Well, mostly I'm just sick of looking at slow-loading stock photography sites. It's like watching Naqoyqatsi, except in even slower motion. I'd just seen Koyaanasqatsi for the first time with Philip Glass performing the soundtrack live and enjoyed that immensely. I'm really trying not to compare the two, but it's hard not to. I quite enjoyed the soundtrack for Naqoyqatsi, but the rest of the movie was largly lacking and ultimately empty.

That lack of deeper meaning was then contrasted against Bowling for Columbine, which said a whole lot more with a lot less fuss. I was briefly self-conscious about wearing my black trenchcoat (out of habit) to the theater until I actually saw the movie, and realized it would improbable for someone not to get it. Besides, an nearly-sold-out theater on a Saturday night would probably be one of the more understanding audiences I could find. Particularly the teenagers next to us who popped open 16-oz. cans of Coors Light during the first reel.

At least they chose a Colorado beer.

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