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11/14/2002 Entry: "Canard Boiteux."

I feel like a Democrat in the Senate today.

You know, even if I wanted to get something accomplished, I'm not going to be here next week. Sure, I'll try to oppose anything that's going to be damaging (and boy, was that committee meeting hostile today!) but really, what can I do? So why bother doing any of it, and why not just...surf the Web instead? Man, it's not like I'm resigning or something, but I've still got Short-timer's Disease, and I've got it bad.

Not that I'm counting or anything, but I only have 73.9 hours of work scheduled this year. This still trips me out. Makes me wonder if maybe I should have taken more vacation during the rest of the year.

I mean, Don't get me wrong...there are far worse problems to have besides, "Whatever shall I do with myself if I'm not at work?" I mean, I have plenty to do. Games to play, books to read, a closet to clean, site(s) to redesign, Christmas shopping—yes, we're starting early on that. Christmas this year will be spent with the Boyfriend's family on the East Coast, and we're spending the week before in New York. It makes sense to get as much done ahead of time as possible. We could shop there (and we still may, for my West Coast friends and family,) but I know where to go for things here. Besides, there are plenty of other things we'll want to do that week instead.

I think. Any suggestions of things I shouldn't miss while in New York this December?

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