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12/01/2002 Entry: "Think And Link 2002."

Today has been World AIDS Day, and I've spent some time thinking; now I need to do some linking:

For you, I send thanks for sharing Issan Dorsey's messages of deeper understanding.

For you I'll wear my black silk pajamas tonight, grateful that I'm wearing them because I feel good.

For you I'll count my lucky stars at least twice today too.

For you I'm breaking my silence, and I'll continue to do what I can to help. (Hee-hee: I get to sponsor your Sponsor!)

For you, though you still hurt, know that your fight was not all in vain—People like me are alive and still negative because of your activism.

For you I will share my outrage. Never underestimate how short-sighted people can be. Now we have a responibiility to look into what can be done.

For you I will secretly hope that you someday find a meaning in all of this, because I'm sure you'll be most qualified to write it down and explain it to a fool like me.

Thank you all for making me think today.

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