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12/04/2002 Entry: "But I Wanna Do It All! (Whine!)"

As my last entry may have hinted at, my life right now is full of piles. No, not those kind; don't be gross. Besides the pile of clothes to donate, there's the Regrets pile: about six items of clothing (I've whittled it down mercilessly) that I'm trying to decide whether or not I need or can live without. There's a pile of toys for the toy drive at work, the pile of food for the food drive at work, the pile of work for the work drive at work. The piles of laundry we did earlier. The omnipresent piles of games to be played and books to be read. The pile of blog entries to write, the pile of email to be returned.

And then there's the pile of unwrapped presents, which keeps spilling across the floor. I was saving that one as a treat for when I finished with my other piles. I love wrapping presents. Always have; I don't know why. It's just something that appeals to both the aesthete ("Make it pretty!") and the obsessive ("Hospital corners!") in me. The toy drive needs volunteers to wrap presents for three hours in the evening or this weekend. I'm just itching to sign up, though I'm a bit concerned about overcommitting myself. I have to decide which these piles to take care of—and see some friends and shows too—before we leave for New York the week after next. Well, it's not so much "do what I like" as long as I like what I do, right?

Now I just have to go see what I can do. Anybody got a shovel?

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