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01/15/2003 Entry: "Weblog of Mass Destruction."

I shouldn't be paranoid. I'm sure it's just a technical glitch somewhere that won't allow me to load ultramundane.com at work. But how exactly do I phrase that call to the IT group? "Not that I'm checking it at work or anything, but I can't view my Weblog. I'd rather not tell you the address either, but can you fix it?"

Maybe it's bigger than that, and my Weblog is a threat to homeland security. I'll be dodging Secret Service agents and outrunning National Guardsmen...jumping over hedges...picking up stray weapons...OK, I think I've been playing too much Playstation.

Well, I ought to be working anyway, not writing; I (obviously) don't really have much to say right now. Well, except for the fact that I'm very pleased to see my friend Mike is posting again and that my friend Colin has started his own Weblog. Trés bien.

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Well, it works at my work, and they block everything remotely controversial. Not to sound paranoid, but it's possible they observed you were visiting it and therefore blocked it.

Posted by biologic show @ 01/17/2003 01:35 PM PST

Well, since I could still visit hothairymansex.com, I presume they weren't blocking based on content. It's been fixed, as of this afternoon.

Wait, does this mean that I'm not considered a threat to national security? Damn, and I tried so hard, too!

Posted by Casey @ 01/17/2003 07:55 PM PST

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