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02/06/2003 Entry: "Twelve...Monkeys Mating..."

Phew. Finally got all the Christmas stuff put away. And I'm very glad, because I'm not sure that on the forty-third day of Christmas I was going to even remember all the stuff my true love gave to me.

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Y'know, it seems that all it takes is a very offhand Eddie Izzard reference in a weblog post to cause me to spray iced tea and semi-masticated Spanish rice all over my monitor ...

Posted by Chuck @ 02/11/2003 06:56 PM PST

"'Fi-i-i-i-ve! Go-o-o-ld! Ri-i-i-ings!' —people are rushing in from other rooms...'Fi-i-i-ve...''"

Posted by Casey @ 02/12/2003 03:58 PM PST

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