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02/08/2003 Entry: "Scrubbing Bubbles (And Bubbles Is None Too Pleased About It.)"

Another little insight into my brain: After vacuuming and doing the dishes, I've been trying to give myself permission to just take a shower and go get my haircut without scrubbing the tub as well. It's late enough that I'm in jeopardy of my barber being closed when I get there, so I should just wash my hair and go.

I'm writing this while the spray cleaner sits on the tile for a minute. (Note to self: We're out of Basin Tub and Tile. Sure, I'd like to use something more natural, but that shit just plain works.)

I'm also doing my best not to get Howard Hughesian over reports of antibiotic-resistant skin infections. The calamity lobe of my brain imagines Staph bacteria leaping out the door of the dirty bookstore onto me as I walk home. The truth is, I have probably stepped in or over worse in my neighborhood for years.

But well, if you ever needed an excuse not to go to the gym, there's a doozy for you.

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