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03/08/2003 Entry: "Saturday Night's All Right."

Telephone ringing, but I don't answer it
Cause everybody knows, good news always sleeps 'til noon.
--Cowboy Junkies, "Sun Comes Up, It's Tuesday Morning"

I once thought it would be cool to change my name to "Good News" and work only afternoon shifts.

The Roommate is at an all-day meeting, so I get the house to myself. I've spent half of it sleeping, the other half in my pajamas in front of the computer. Didn't make it to the bank; didn't make it to the furniture store; haven't even managed to clean the glitter-and-pee off the bathroom floor nor scrub the oatmeal out of the pot from this morning afternoon. Maybe in a minute. Or maybe I should just go get ready for tonight.

A couple weekends ago the Boyfriend and I had Japanese food and saw a wonderful Russian movie, Russian Ark. It's a completely improbable production: the whole film (with 867 actors) was shot in one take in the Hermitage in St. Petersburg; the film wears four centuries of Russian history and international art like hats. This Saturday, however, we're going with friends to eat American food and watch an American movie which is, um, neither about art nor history. We're nothing if not about contrasts.

The Boyfriend has also apparently been on a kick lately trying to see if he can write email that makes me cry. At least it's Saturday so I'm not crying in the office. He's a sweet one as well as a tasty one.

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Sweet and tasty boyfriends are indeed a treasure. :-) Even if he wants to drag you across the country in an RV...


Posted by vince @ 03/08/2003 11:10 PM PST

Would you have a better outlook on Old School if I told you it features Luke Wilson slathered head-to-toe in KY? No? Fair enough. Okay then, for the complete Old School moviegoing experience, see it in South San Francisco on a Saturday night. Dude.

Posted by Panchesco @ 03/09/2003 12:40 AM PST

Russian Ark was fantastic. I knew that it was shot in one take with no cuts, but it took me about ten or fifteen minutes into the movie to realize that no, there had not been a cut yet, nor will there be. Amazing.

Posted by Jason @ 03/10/2003 01:34 PM PST

Gee, if my bathroom floor had pee AND glitter maybe I'd clean it more often. You are so glamorous!

Posted by Huntingtonq @ 03/11/2003 07:55 AM PST

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