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03/14/2003 Entry: "Peace and Grease."

[Looking around, wide-eyed and frightened] It's scary out there, and I'm not just talking about the anti-war protests. I am writing to you from the safety of my office. Please send soup.

Moisturizer is my friend; more importantly, it's my nose's friend. I hate walking around with a red, chapped nose, but if I had to stay home much longer I was going to go cookoo. I shaved off my long, long beard (read: Don Johnson Stubble, at best) and pressed onward, a cup of tea in hand.

I noticed in the shower this morning that, after three days of 8-to-15 hours of sleep each day, the dark circles under my eyes had lightened. Not vanished, just gone from dark royal purple to a medium blue. Sleep and moisturizer, hmm? Next you're going to tell me a balanced diet and exercise will make me feel better too...

(I think, for my health, I will skip the official anti-war protest tomorrow, though I'll be there in spirit.)

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Posted by Catherine @ 03/16/2003 06:24 PM PST

Affirmation from a spammer! Just what I was looking for.

Posted by Casey @ 03/16/2003 11:18 PM PST

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