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04/09/2003 Entry: "Cracked Out."

I was awoken this morning at 9:45 when all of a sudden my alarm didn't go off. I didn't shower or shave, and remarkably it's the latter that bothers me more. I do not come from particularly good stock for beards, which might explain my opposites-attract fascination with men with dark stubble or goatees (or "The Goatee Problem," as I refer to it.) It might take a couple of weeks before people would ask if I was planning to grow a beard. You get the idea.

In any case, today I look merely derelict. I carried the theme with a pair of laundry-day black slacks, and completed the ensemble with a dress shirt with pulled threads in the shoulder. Apparently, I did too good a job dressing down, as I think a passerby just tried to put money in my coffee cup as he passed by.

(Maybe this is instant karma for being so judgemental in my previous post. Who can say. I never did that well in Metaphysics.)

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No instant karma for you.. Cause you just told the truth.. Your neighbors are total freaks.... You were actually being nice after I reread it.


Posted by vince @ 04/09/2003 05:53 PM PST

mmmm... Ryan from goateestyle...

Posted by geno @ 04/10/2003 10:21 AM PST

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