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04/16/2003 Entry: "Yet More Human Oddities."

Shirley Mental at Theater RhinocerosOh, I forgot to mention why I was walking home from the Mission last night; I was dropping off a stage prop for my friends at Hardcore Thrush for their new show, "Shirley Mental," playing this weekend and next at Theater Rhinoceros. It's a musical comedy about "a Shirley Temple wanna-be befriending the freaks of a traveling sideshow in hopes of becoming a singing, dancing orphan." Wait, aren't they all about that?

I haven't seen the show yet, but wandering into the theater before their dress rehearsal certainly felt like I made a wrong turn into a circus sideshow. If any group of freaks could pull this off, it's these freaks. (Though they also pointed at me and chanted, "One of us! One of us!" What did they mean by that?)

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