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04/23/2003 Entry: "The Houseguest Who Wouldn't Leave."

While our weekend houseguest was very nice, he seems to have left a little something behind. He used one of my black towels while he stayed here. And he wears patchouli oil. While I know some people have a strong reaction to the smell, I'm don't entirely mind it. It reminds me of a sweet guy I went out with for a week when I first moved to the city. But I thought it would come out in the wash.

It did—onto everything else I washed with it.

The t-shirt I'm wearing today has enough patchouli on it for two, or so it seems. I suppose it's also a lot closer to my nose than our houseguest was. But everytime I look down, I get a whiff of old Haight Street. I'm really unused to wearing fragrances of any kind, so I'm even more self-conscious about it. And this office is really not the appropriate place for my Kundalini to rise. Anyone have any suggestions what to do with these clothes, besides burning them?

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patchouli, ugh. Recommendation--use the clothes as cum-rags, then, when they are inundated with the smell of week-old jizz, you wont notice the patchouli anymore. Credit to Mr. [Martha] Stewart for that one, we all know he wanks a lot.

Posted by beenhexed @ 04/28/2003 02:18 PM PST

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