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05/28/2003 Entry: "Not So Lucky For The Rabbit, Is It?"

I didn't stop by the bank at lunch, so I was down to my last quarter when I got back to the office. I put it in the drink machine at work—the one which is notorious for taking quarters and not dispensing one's soda—and fretted as I pressed "C-4" for a Calistoga. Whump! The bottle hit the plexiglass front and slid down to the opening. Whump! came a second..and then a third, and a fourth. All at once I was being paid back for every time I cursed and rocked the machine, trying to get my can of root beer to fall from its intractable position wedged behind the window.

Wow, I thought as I walked back to my desk, that must have been my lucky quarter! Of course, if it was so lucky, maybe I should have held on to it, or used it to buy a lottery ticket or something. Now I was cursing the machine for taking my last quarter, my lucky quarter, and leaving me with only my bottles of fizzy water.

I guess my luck is finally changing. I'm just not sure which way.

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Were the Calistoga bottles half full, or half empty?

Posted by biologic show @ 05/30/2003 01:32 PM PST

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