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06/23/2003 Entry: "Hello, I Must Be Going."

I have a perfectly round bruise on my knee from where it was compressed into the seat in front of me for six and a half hours. I have the sniffles (downgraded from a seriously sore throat) from the cold that The Boyfriend's father gave me. I have color on my arms from forgetting to wear sunscreen on the overcast but not rainy day we spent wandering between various museums around the Mall. I will not go into specifics regarding my lower digestive tract, but will merely state that activity there has been unusual. I have finally sorted through the 600 pieces of spam email that came to my home account and 100 pieces which came to my work address in the past week. And worse yet, I am yet again sitting in my office (I assume this is my office, isn't it?) trying desperately to remember what it is that I do—rather like what happens most Monday mornings, only moreso.

In short, I have returned. I was only reduced to drinking Starbucks coffee once during our trip. I hope that I've performed penance enough for that. Did I miss anything?

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World peace was called, and justice reigned... but then yesterday I woke up..

You missed me.. so let's have dinner..

Posted by sillynun @ 06/23/2003 12:49 AM PST

sure, that's what the bruise was from, uh huh...

Posted by beenhexed @ 07/09/2003 11:09 AM PST

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