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07/06/2003 Entry: "Is that business or pleasure? Is there a difference?"

This weekend I've been playing a new game called Uplink from Ambrosia Software (a port of the PC Version. You play a hacker in the year 2010. It's interesting to play, though it feels a little too much like work for a game—racing to beat the clock to manipulate data for the company. That's any given weekday at the office.

My other criticism of it is that, for how much work it takes to hack a site, it simultaneously doesn't feel that realistic (at least not yet; I'm just starting the game.) It feels more like I'm pretending to be Sandra Bullock. Which, you know, is good and bad.

I wish I could blame my absence this weekend on these real-life hacking attempts but it doesn't sound like they were very successful. (As if this site would make such an impressive target, either.)

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