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08/06/2003 Entry: "Drowning Is, Appropriately Enough, Drowning."

Why the fuck is this happening to me? A spammer somewhere has attached a half dozen names (so far) to drowning.com, my other domain, and has used them as the "reply to" email for their "enlarge your penis with these pills" messages. I'm getting every failure notice on their list. I'm convinced that they bought one of those 2.9 million address CDs and are using that. At 8 PM I blocked a couple of addresses from receiving anything. I didn't notice until just now that another four names have started sending failure messages. I've gotten about 400 in the past hour. I'm afraid to turn off my email program for fear of my account filling up. I'm worried that I'll have to come up with a new email address altogether, as stressful as that may be. I am so frustrated that I could cry.

The thing that scares me most? The names they've used all start with the letter A. Does this mean I have 25 letters worth of this left to go...?

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I am so sorry. That sounds like hell. I wish there was something I could do to help.

Posted by geno @ 08/06/2003 10:23 AM PST

It seems to have stopped for now; at 1AM that volume of email is a little bewildering, though. Mostly I just wish I could send a message to 2.9 Million addresses letting them know that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PENIS ENLARGEMENT PILL. (Hops up and down)

Posted by Casey @ 08/06/2003 01:42 PM PST

That truly sucks.. Maybe you need to block all the addresses but the one you actually use... Is there a way to do that?

Posted by sillynun @ 08/06/2003 03:15 PM PST

The same thing happened to me and my domain. It lasted a couple of months. Now it's down to a trickle. The spammers DO seem to move on to another domain name to screw.

Posted by Chloe @ 08/07/2003 07:32 AM PST

You NEED to see this site: http://belps.freewebsites.com/index.html

Posted by A concerned Netizen @ 08/09/2003 08:04 PM PST

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