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08/29/2003 Entry: "Please Observe The 'No Letting Go' Sign."

I'm working on a project for the International group at our company. Which is fine, and there's no problem with the actual graphics I'm making. But everytime I see the folder on my desktop, I find myself singing "International Lover" by Prince:

If 4 any reason there’s a loss in cabin pressure
I will automatically drop down 2 apply more
And 2 activate the flow of excitement
Extinguish all clothing materials and pull my body close 2 yours
Place my lips over your mouth, and kiss, kiss, normally.
In the event there is over-excitement,
Your seat cushion may be used as a flotation device.

Which, again, is fine, until I start singing it out loud. In meetings. Is it time to go home yet?

It might be noted that Prince is one of the few people I don't judge for writing as if they were text messaging or in a children's book. At least he's consistant. (Well, except that first album, which wasn't called "4U". I blame Warner Brothers. Or the Jehovah's Witnesses. Or something.)

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Completely off topic...

As Sherilyn and I were driving away from the Mission last night, we saw you and Paul sitting in front of Herbivore. Unfortunately, it was too late to honk or roll down the window and wave frantically like a teenybopper.

Posted by Katrina @ 08/31/2003 05:35 PM PST

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