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09/12/2003 Entry: "The Day After Two Years After."

I only visit two "daily porn pictures" sites. Yesterday both of them had the same firefighters-raising-the-flag photo instead of porn. Yet I still got 100 "enlarge your penis" and "cheap Viagra" emails. I want a refund.

I mean, I know people who were in New York or DC when the terrorist attacks happened, and I was glad to read their posts from the heart two years later. But maybe we should start to close up the wound. Maybe it's time to start rebuilding.

With everything that's happened in the past two years, while we may choose not to observe, I think we still have no choice but to remember.

My thoughts yesterday were not ones of sorrow or anger, nor can I credit myself with the mindfulness of everything that's happened since. Two years ago it seemed like a lot of things had begun to crash down around me before planes hit anything. I spent the day yesterday wondering if I am still ducking after all this time. Maybe I should stop picking at the wound. Maybe it's time to finally start rebuilding.

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Naw, keep picking at the wound a little more. Blood is cool!

Posted by biologic show @ 09/12/2003 02:34 PM PST

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