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09/16/2003 Entry: "And Not Once Did I Remember My Camera."

"Dear Diary: I was trying to have phone sex on Saturday Night when all these people at a party across the street started staring at me and pointing. It totally creeped me out! I couldn't even take off my shorts. What a bunch of perverts. At least I managed to get some bills paid later."

I had a great weekend, managing to hit two fun barbecues, two great parties and a beer bust bar crawl, all in two days, without being hung over. While it might have been nice to spread some of these parties out to some of my less festive weekends, it was all good times. It's not so much that I've forgotten how to have fun, it's just that I sometimes forget to have it.

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Hah! You guys won't let the poor bastard be will ya! =)

Posted by Naladahc @ 09/17/2003 09:33 AM PST

Why not? He couldn't let himself be, either!

Posted by Jason @ 09/17/2003 10:15 AM PST

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