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09/25/2003 Entry: "Returned Mail: See Transcript For Details."

For the last week I've been flooded in returned mail messages from a spammer spoofing email addresses on my domains. I tried to be stoic through it all and just slog through the onslaught. But the tide has receeded, and I'm back to normal levels of spam traffic. The odd thing is hearing myself say, "Thank god, I only got spam today!" and breathing a sigh of relief at a mere 50 junk mail messages.

Update: Spoke too soon. Spoke way too soon. In the past 18 hours I've gotten about 400 more, in roughly alphabetical order through the letter D, mostly from aol.com. Very little of it gets auto-filtered to the trash, either. Explain to me again how technology was going to improve my life and make communication simpler?

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