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10/28/2003 Entry: "Flat As A Board."

I had a difficult time getting all the way through my blogroll tonight. I was up early for a 6 hour meeting, after being up late last night printing out signs and certificates and making Halloween playlists for a fundraising event we put on for our company. Coming with a sore, flat ass from two three-hour sessions in hard plastic chairs, we ran like maniacs to serve beer, sell raffle tickets, and facilitate a pumpkin carving contest. We made a couple thousand dollars for a local charity, so at least I feel a little bit accomplished today. But by this time in the evening I'm just pooped and just want to...

...go screaming down the side of a mountain. I am so predictable sometimes.

Boyfriend suggested that maybe we should go try the real thing sometime this winter. I gave him That Look, the one that usually follows most suggestions involving athletic activities. As I understand it, snowboarding in real life would basically be 1. strapping a piece of wood on my feet and 2. falling over. The only flips I'd be doing would be ass over teakettle down the bunny slope. Plus, yo, it's cold out there. You wonder why I prefer the virtual version?

Then again, I do look nice in ski sweaters, and I am certainly qualified to drink Kalua & Coffee in the bar at the lodge. Maybe we could make arrangements. Maybe they have a TV I can plug into.

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oooh oooh oooh! Yes! Let's go snowboarding!

Posted by Jeff @ 10/30/2003 06:57 AM PST

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