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11/20/2003 Entry: "(Skinny) Tie One On."

I'm very thankful for my belt right now, since the button that I always meant to fix on these pants has finally let go. I haven't bothered to look for a safety pin, so the belt is the only thing between me and full-frontal-TMI at the office.

The other day I left the house without a belt at all, which felt bizarre. I so rarely forget—not because I'm such a slave to fashion, but because I go through a morning pat-down ritual to make sure I remember everything I need for the day: spectacles, testicles, wallet, watch. It wasn't until my first restroom break at work that I noticed, when I counted to "four" and found it missing. Four? I should explain. See, I count to six as I do-up each button and closure of my pants to ensure that I've remembered everything. A little obsessive-compulsive, perhaps. OK, it's more than a little OCD, but at least I'm not leaving the 'barn door' open as frequently anymore.

Anyway, I briefly considered rolling over the waistband, like they did in Queer Eye. But then it occurred to me that the label of my pants would show in the back. And then it occurred to me the whole thing might look just as dumb as it did in the 80's.

Bonus link: "Anything [still] worth wearing can actually be found on Shiva diva Nina Hagen."

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hi-larious Nina link. cabbage.

Posted by aaron @ 11/21/2003 11:42 AM PST

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