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12/10/2003 Entry: "The Military Bake Sale."

You know, I'm not saying anything about the quality of a public school education here in the city, nor am I casting aspersions on the Governator's committment to the state's education budget nor Gruesome Newsom's surprising mayoral influence on school district funding. All I am saying is that I'm personally buying dictionaries and highlighter pens for a local school as part of a holiday charity. Maybe the kids there will learn how to spell something besides SUV.

Really, I am happy to help. However, it might be an easier task if the teachers hadn't misspelled the name of the dictionary they wanted. Who ever said that Americans can't appreciate irony?

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welcome home.. Can't wait to hear all about the trip, and see the pictures.

Posted by sillynun @ 12/10/2003 09:43 PM PST

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