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01/08/2004 Entry: "Rule Number One: I Am Never Wrong."

If I am wrong, refer to Rule Number One.

The Boyfriend jokes that I'm "always right," which he says is supposed to be a good thing; it still sounds to me like shorthand for "obnoxious know-it-all." He swears that's not the case. Of course I believe him, though it's challenging when he also takes such obvious glee when I am wrong. In London, for instance, I would inevitably pick the wrong direction to walk, the wrong bus to catch, the wrong door, the wrong street. I don't know why, but the old city streets befuddled me at every turn.

Well, I'd like to publicly state that I was wrong again. I said that the Justo Juez ("Just Judge") candle was Voodoo in origin, a synchretic depiction of a Peristyle (the small worship space with a central pole where most ceremonies take place.) In fact, it's Catholic in origin and depicts the Arma Christi, or the Instruments of the Passion.

You can see where my confusion lay: the image is also used for the Siete Potencias ("Seven African Powers"), which is a pretty clear example of the hybridization of Santeria and Catholic Symbols. It might look like voodoo to me, but the iconography is really someone elses.

I'll also point out that the Just Judge candle is supposedly very effective for court cases, along with various oils and powders. You might want to check first and see if any of those will stain your attorney's suit before using them. However there were no legal proceedings going on the Saturday evening we used that candle, as well a Mano Poderosa ("Powerful Hand"), for a little atmosphere.

Was that wrong?

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Tish! You said "syncretic'!!!

I can't decide whether to touch you, or just touch myself while I read the entry over and over again.

"Entry". Dirrrrty. :)

The cognoscienti are rather esoteric and obfuscatory, even when they're not being pedantic, don't you think?

Posted by Jeff @ 01/09/2004 06:21 PM PST

Sounds like you *did* get there soon. w00t!

Posted by Jason @ 01/10/2004 12:27 AM PST

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