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01/23/2004 Entry: "I Don't Want To Be Elfstar Anymore! I Want To Be Debbie!"

"I like my music HARD and DARK, like my fucking SOUL!" Excellent.

We were just talking about Dark Dungeons the other day. Maybe all those games I play are leading me down the wrong path. Maybe I'll stop playing them...and start kissing Hank's ass instead. Right.

You know, of course, that the Antichrist is a Vegetarian. (We also taste better, so why not?) But I don't think it's me: Shh, don't tell, but this site is less evil than I thought it would be, regardless of how memeticly virulent its author might be.

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Character application for Marcie --

Name: Marcie Anderson
Race: Human
Background: I used to live in some small Midwestern town when things got kind of weird. Ms. Frost thought she could pull our strings, so I faked my suicide, got the hell out of Dodge, and am trying to find myself a real GM that's not some power-tripping psycho. Since I'm laying low and moving around a lot, it's hard to find steady work, so I've had to ply my skills as a thief to survive. Likes: dragons, miniatures, caffeine. Dislikes: turncoat clerics, blatantly arbitrary referee calls, poison needle traps.

Posted by Jason @ 01/24/2004 01:23 AM PST

Every vegetarian tastes better, especially when covered in UNCOOKED raisins.

Posted by Glennorama Brooklyn @ 01/25/2004 05:14 PM PST

Glenn - Don't forget the chocolate!!!

Posted by Lee @ 01/26/2004 09:34 PM PST

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