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04/16/2004 Entry: "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien."

My contribution to the Dream Meme: Last night I dreamt that I was learning/lecturing about prehistoric mammals in (generic town). Eventually I gave up on looking at ditches and gulleys where giant mammals huddled and found myself rolling a keg of beer on the sidewalk through a crowded public park. I did pretty well with it, though at one point it went careening through the park towards another keg, nearly knocking theirs over. I had a huge dog with me who enjoyed playing chase with the keg but was a little skittish around other people. As we passed through a tight space, the dog was very hesitant to walk through someone's rock garden, and I yelled at it to go in. Then I realized there was razor wire and sharp edges there, and felt bad about directing the dog there.

I'm not surprised that I dreamt about beer, actually. Downing four pints of Red Hook before dinner last night was probably not the most responsible choice, given how the text on the monitor was spinning when I got home last night. But I had a lot of fun meeting some new people and seeing other friends...all of whom maintain LiveJournals, we determined. Go figure.

So while I certainly have no regrets, this morning has been a little rough, and I think I've been barking at my coworkers a bit, directing them directly into the sharp barbs of our workday. Perhaps I ought to admit that I need some more coffee and an Advil.

Bonus links: I'm reminded by my own title: Marlon Riggs, we still miss you.

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peace and blessings to Marlon.

Posted by aaron @ 04/18/2004 02:45 PM PST

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