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04/20/2004 Entry: "Pecker, Please Bring Me A Soda!"

I am trying to satisfy my sweet tooth with a small packet of Valentine's Day cinnamon red-hots. They're pretty tasty, even if I know they're not only not from this February, but from the holiday several years ago. For all I know these came from our one and only Webvan order. I'm not sure if this counts as a passive-aggressive suicide attempt or just a sugar junkie's desperately-aggressive search for a fix. Just call me little Chrissy.

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Little Chrissy? Hahahaha!!!

Face it. You are a multi-years-old candy junkie.

Posted by Nala @ 04/22/2004 09:04 AM PST

With emphasis on the multi... :)

Posted by The Evil Roommate @ 04/22/2004 10:31 PM PST

The multi was modifying the age of the candy, not of the eater of said multi-years-old candy.

Posted by Nala @ 04/23/2004 06:22 AM PST

Look, I can't deny either fact. Last night I had a candy cane of indeterminate pedigree as well, but it must have been from at least three Christmases ago. Does this stuff ever truly go bad?

Posted by Casey @ 04/23/2004 08:09 AM PST

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