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05/01/2004 Entry: "They Move Fast. (So Do The Horses.)"

Last week I had a credit check and signed to apply for a mortgage. About 7 days later I received four credit card applications in the mail. I'm not saying these events are connected, mind you, but about how long does it take to deliver US Domestic Bulk Mail? About 7-10 days? They didn't waste any time.

(Related: Did you get a Shrek 2 postmark (scroll down to the bottom for it) on any of your letters? I screamed. Jeffrey Katzenberg, get out of my mailbox!)

Could be worse—Equifax could have given my credit reports to criminals. (Criminals, of course, are individuals or groups of poor people who do bad things. When groups of rich people do bad things, they call it a Corporation.)

I have to count my blessings; for instance, riders in the Kentucky Derby can wear advertising patches this year. What a relief! I'm hoping soon we'll see the horses done up NASCAR style, with corporate sponsors on every body part, painted or shaved into their coats. The fast ones will have "VALVOLINE" or "BUDWEISER" (Or possibly "GUINNESS") on the side. The slow ones might get "ALPO" or "ELMER'S GLUE" as inspiration to run faster. (It was pointed out that some Fark photoshop folks had some ideas like mine.)

Of course, it's probably a little hypocritical of me to complain, since I make my living in advertising. [Shrug] Some days it just bothers me more than others. Some days and in some places, I think advertising is fine, or at least tolerable. I've resigned myself to the fact that anyplace we (as a people) can make a few bucks, we'll try to. And today—as long as I have a steady supply of Mint Juleps—I'll do my best not to mind.

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A mortgage?

Do you plan on trying to buy in the City???

Posted by Nala @ 05/03/2004 05:53 AM PST

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