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05/25/2004 Entry: "Close Excel, Open Photoshop."

sadspreadsheet (13k image)I sent them a spreadsheet, asking for some information. They responded, asking for the very information I had just sent them on the spreadsheet. I sent them back the information and yet another spreadsheet, asking them to finish filling in the spreadsheet. They send back the information I last updated in the spreadsheet and tell me that the information that I need is still coming. They do not attach a spreadsheet.

I have a very lonely spreadsheet. You understand, I'm sure.

Thank Odd this project is nearly finished.

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Every time I come here, which is just not nearly enough, geez, so why have I not put you in my sidebar already, I learn the solution to a problem I didn't know I had. Now I know what to say when I need to express that je ne sais relief-cum-exasperation, but don't really feel like paying homage to a deity. Thank Odd.

Posted by Jessica @ 05/27/2004 06:30 PM PST

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