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07/02/2004 Entry: "Why You Shouldn't Mail Me Things."

The Roommate and I are still not sure if this is a sign of illiteracy or irony on the part of our postal carrier.

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Or some critter escaped?

Posted by Lee @ 07/03/2004 01:58 AM PST

Actually, it is because of a disease called "retardo".

It can affect mail workers, UPS staff, and Fed Ex employees at any given moment.

Posted by Nala @ 07/05/2004 02:45 PM PST

not to be a wet blanket on the anti-postalworker post, but looks to me like the person mailing it didnt pack it well - you CANT have anything move inside of an envelope, becuase inevitably it WILL move, and cause tears. I've had an ebayer do that with porno books, and seeing the words "Devil's Phallus" and "blow the Man Down" peaking out of a torn envelope isnt what either my p o box person wanted to see, nor I.

Posted by bj @ 07/12/2004 09:11 AM PST

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