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07/08/2004 Entry: "Getting To The Point, However Blurry."

A portly man walked next to me for a while down Folsom street on my way back home with dinner. He looked me over, and shyly said hello. I gave a curt but friendly Hi back. "You're very beautiful," he said suddenly. "I wouldn't have said anything but I'm kind of drunk." I guess I'm prettier when I'm blurry. I thanked him for the compliment, however backhanded it was. I asked him what he was doing this evening. "I'm just on my way to my car," he said.

"You're not driving, are you?"

"No, just going to the car."

He complimented me a couple of times more, and I probably blushed how thickly he was laying it on. He asked if I was gay, and if I had a ton of boyfriends. I told him, no, I've just got the one. "Are you faithful?" he asked.

"Yes, for the past six years--"

"--OK bye! Nice talking with you!" he said without pause, and immediately got into his car.

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Nice. At least he was sober enough to do math.

Posted by Jason @ 07/09/2004 08:13 AM PST

:-) Compliments are compliments... Just cause ya don't wanna go to the party, it's still nice to be invited..

Even if it is on a slightly damaged invitation

Posted by sillynun @ 07/09/2004 10:16 AM PST

The nun has a point. :)

Posted by Jason @ 07/09/2004 03:56 PM PST

And at least he was enough of a gentleman to know when to stop.

And if you ever need a compliment, come my way.

Posted by Scott @ 07/13/2004 08:08 PM PST

I'm sorry, I got shy--I meant to ask you out.

Posted by beenhexed @ 07/15/2004 12:50 AM PST

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