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09/17/2004 Entry: "A Small Brain After All."


She was a tall woman in a grey business suit, pulling out a Marlboro from a pack she held on top of a Dayrunner.

"From UC Santa Barbara?"


"Hi! It's K.! Remember me? Wow, what a small world! You look great!"

"Thanks, so do you!" I made a mental note that, if I was going to get this kind of reaction, I should get novacaine injected into my face more often. Maybe Botox really is the answer.

"Let's get together for lunch! Do you have a pen or something?" I fish a card out of my bag and present it to her. "Great, I'll give you call sometime. Wow, it's really great running into you!"

"You too!"

I've been trying to figure out who she was ever since. It may be a small world, but my brain is scaled to match.

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As you cautioned the audience at Zelo oh so many moons ago, "Keep Young And Beautiful," and the world won't care that your memory has drained away like so much dirty bathwater. (As a fellow brain-damaged ex-Gaucho, I want to know who she was...)

Posted by Huntington @ 09/21/2004 08:36 AM PST

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