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02/24/2005 Entry: "Stomping Out An Email Or Two."

I'm not sure which is worse:

• Working a couple of hours late to finish a report for a collegue (ooh, I'm using the fancy term) on the East coast and having the email program you're using crash and lock you out of the network for 45 minutes.


• Spending the weekend wrestling with my new computer's SMTP settings, trying to figure out why it wasn't sending mail, only to realize that 1. I could have used the Webmail interface that I use every day at work to send mail in the interim, and 2. the reason it wasn't sending was because I was typing it "STMP."

I haven't been very communicative lately, I know; but you see, at least it's not entirely my fault...

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Nice to know I'm not the only one who has suffered from SMTP-dyslexia before.

Posted by A Very Special Nala @ 02/25/2005 09:48 AM PST

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