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11/07/2005 Entry: "Dressed In The Color Of The Grave...Dirt."

OK, what's wrong with me? I went to the Gap and Old Navy with The Boyfriend yesterday and bought BROWN clothing. A brown shirt with red stripes and brown pants. (Both items were on clearance, mind you.) Is this what happens when you get older? You switch to earth tones? (Don't tell my mother, who, like me, is also frequently swaddled in black head-to-toe like a vampire.) I swear on my gothly black little heart not to wear them together, but seriously, what?

Regardless, I'm kind of pleased that H&M is opening in San Francisco. It's a fun place to buy questionable fashions of questionable quality. But from what I recall, I'm going to have to pick up Dance Dance Revolution again to fit in their clothes. They tend to run on the fitted/slim side. (Compare this with the Gap, who was clearly trying to flatter me by pretending to be a size smaller than they really are.) But then, there's nothing wrong with having a little junk in the trunk.

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Whatcha gonna do with all that junk?

Posted by Giga @ 11/07/2005 02:40 PM PST

Hmmm, perhaps you're turning into Charlie Brown? Hopefully those red stripes were at least blood red...

Posted by The Former But Still Evil Roommate @ 11/07/2005 07:07 PM PST

"Dance Dance Revolution?" You couldn't be that old! (smile)
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I also sometimes feel a bit behind the times, but then I pick myself up and slurp some popular culture.

Posted by advice sister alison @ 11/16/2005 05:45 AM PST

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