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03/14/2006 Entry: "Happy (American) Pi Day 2006!"

I didn't know I was subconsiously celebrating (American) Pi Day when I got in the shower this morning and was singing "I did three chicks and pointed at the door; I snapped one time, in came another four." It's a bit crude perhaps, but I still can't remember Poe, E., Near A Raven. So whatever works. Besides, given the other holiday some people have proposed for today...

I'd have linked to the Kate Bush song if I had time to find it online. But then again, apparently she gets the numbers wrong. Oops.

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YAY! Steak and blowjob day! Remember, it's not just for heterosexuals anymore.

Posted by The Evil Former Roommate @ 03/15/2006 09:00 PM PST

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